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Logging In

Welcome to the new PRH Self-Service site!

If you are a current user of PRH Self-Service (aka “Dot Biz”), you’ll need to update your account (your current username and password will not work for the new site). The first step is to click “Update Account.” There you’ll sign in using your current username and password, and then you will establish your credentials for the new site. You’ll need an email address and a new password.

If you are not a current user of PRH Self-Service but are an existing PRH customer, click the option to “Register an account today” below the sign-in section or “Create an Account” in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Both will take you to the page shown below, where you will need to enter your PRH Account Number and your SAN (Standard Address Number). If you run into any issues, contact PRH Customer Service at 1-800-733-3000 or

Once You’ve Logged In

Once you’ve entered PRH Self-Service, you should see a page similar to the screenshot below. It will include a search bar for title searches, links to orders, account info, and your cart; lists of recent orders, invoices, and claims; and reference information about your account. Direct Market customers will additionally have a link to catalogs and news. At the bottom of the page are additional links to reference materials and functions. (See the Account section for how to manage your account, add users, and manage user roles.)

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Email Customer Service

Reach out to customer service at any time via the below email address:

Call Customer Service

For any inquiries regarding availability, orders, or accounts, you can contact Customer Service at: