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Yes. Where there are territory restrictions, the title selection will be adjusted. For example, a title that can only be sold in the US will not be shown to international customers. US and international accounts will see US $ and Canadian accounts will see Canadian $.

They are the same thing. Dot Biz is the site’s informal name.

Managing accounts and users

Contact our New Accounts Team at regarding any account changes or additions.

Accounts can have more than one administrator. Once you have the new administrator added, that person will have complete access and the new administrator should be able to delete the original administrator, if necessary. (An admin cannot delete their own account.) If this doesn’t work, contact Customer Service. For more on Managing Users, click here.

Only users with Administrator-level access can add new users. If you are an Administrator, you can go to Account –> Manage Users to add a new employee.

Title Selection

PRH Self-Service is focused on physical products that ship from our warehouses, so you will not see ebooks, digital audio, or other digital-only products in the search results.

Future ISBNs can usually be ordered starting at 270 days before their on-sale date.

Certain types of items are excluded from search results, but if you enter one of those ISBNs in the search field, you’ll see a result. Examples of these types of items:

  • “Zero dollar” items without a price, such as a poster for store display, are excluded from general search results but will show up if specific ISBNs are searched. If you would like to order a zero dollar item, contact Customer Service.
  • ISBNs that are permanently unavailable (out of print, remaindered, no longer distributed by PRH, etc.) will not show up in search results. However, if you specifically search for a permanently unavailable ISBN using the ISBN as a search term, you may see it in results with an inventory alert. The ISBN will be unorderable.

Results will also be specific to your sales restriction. For example, if you are a international account, you should not see search results for ISBNs that can only be sold in the US.

You can see them on PRH Self-Service if you know the ISBN and type it in, but you cannot order them via PRH Self-Service. Contact Customer Service to order a non-priced item.

Permanently unavailable ISBNs should not show up in search results unless you have typed in their specific ISBNs. ISBNs that are currently backordered will show up in search results and can be ordered. You can use the Availability filter to narrow your search results.

See the Search Results & Inventory section of Help for more info on what the inventory alerts shown on PRH Self-Service mean.

You cannot sort by format, but you can filter your search results by format. In the case of stationery items, you could choose to see only the “Non-traditional book” format. You can sort your search results by relevance, on-sale date, price, or title (alpha).

Digital editions are not available for viewing or ordering on PRH Self-Service.

You can search for up to 300 ISBNs at once by pasting from a spreadsheet or pasting a list separated by a line break. Any white-space delimiter (space, tab, return) should work; ISBNs separated only by commas or semicolons (without spaces) will not work.

For convenience, multiple ISBNs can also be pasted directly into your shopping cart, with quantities, via the “Add ISBNs” button. See the Managing Your Cart section for more information.

You can filter for “New Releases” vs. “Backlist Titles” in the left nav after receiving search results. New Releases are titles that either haven’t been published yet (“initials”) or are in their first year of life (“frontlist”).


Carton quantity needs to be entered but it’s available to view in both search results view and the title detail page.

PRH’s inventory systems consider an entire order and stock locations across our warehouses before determining which warehouse an ISBN will ship from at a given time. Therefore, shipping location cannot be shown in advance on PRH Self-Service. However, you can see it on your order once that information is available.

You can see which warehouse or warehouses your order is shipping from in Order Details after your order is placed.

While specific inventory quantities are not shown, PRH shows inventory alerts where relevant, including several statuses that note low stock and encourage users to order quickly to avoid a backorder situation. Click here to see a list of the inventory alerts.

A title is classified as managed when the publisher and sales department would like to carefully manage the flow of stock out to accounts. This decision is made when there is a high demand for stock and we may be low on inventory.

When a title is labeled “Managed Stock: All Orders,” the order for this ISBN will be reviewed by PRH before it ships, and it may be held for a period of time. Some titles will have a similar alert that includes a quantity of books. In order to ensure access for as many customers as possible, any orders for this ISBN of this quantity or more will be reviewed by PRH before it ships, and they may be held for a period of time.

Click here to see a list of the inventory alerts.

The PO field in the cart defaults to a number that is based on the current day/time. You can overwrite this with a mix of your own numbers and letters; special characters are not allowed.

Please include “AA” to the PO field for any event orders.

The Invoice Description is an optional field. If you enter copy here, it will show up in PRH Self-Service and will be available for PRH Customer Service to view. However, this is for customer reference only; if you have a specific instruction or request that PRH needs to see, please contact Customer Service.

Yes. If your order is for an event, please check the event box and enter the date, event coordinator, and coordinator’s phone number.

In order to ensure that there is enough time for the books to reach your location, the calendar drop-down for the event date will only show dates that are at least 10 days from today’s date. If your event date is not available in the calendar drop-down, special handling may be required to get books to your event in time. Please contact Customer Service to discuss shipping options.

The event information you enter here will be pulled into PRH’s internal systems and will appear on the Bill of Lading instructions for the carrier. We will use the coordinator’s name and contact information if we need to get in touch with your store about the event or your order.

Please also add “AA” to your PO name for event orders.

Within PRH Self-Service, you can only ship to your account addresses. If you would like to drop-ship to a different address, contact Customer Service.

Note: Promo codes cannot be used for author events at checkout. Please contact Customer Service after ordering to apply a Promo discount.

Within PRH Self-Service, you can only ship to your account addresses. If you would like to drop-ship to a different address (for example, for an event), contact Customer Service.

Yes, your cart total will be adjusted as you add and remove titles. It will reflect your standard account discount plus the effect of any promotional code you’ve applied to the order.

Yes, you can download a line-by-line view of your orders, invoices, and other documents (wherever the Download or Export option is shown).

If the order hasn’t been processed and is still in open status or backordered, you can edit or cancel the order. Click here to see a list of order statuses.

The Order Detail view includes tracking information where available. Each parcel box will have its own tracking information and the items in the box will be shown together on Order Detail.

Contact Customer Service to get information on orders or invoices more than 270 days old.

Yes, for prepaid accounts, when you add ISBNs to the cart, they will all show up as backordered. Once your credit card payment has been validated (which could take up to 24 hours), availability status for the ISBNs in your order will be visible.


You can only place one claim (which can be for multiple line items or ISBNs) per invoice via PRH Self-Service. To edit an existing claim or to place an additional claim on the same invoice, contact Customer Service.

You can report missing or damaged books for multiple ISBNs by placing a claim on the relevant invoice. Claims can cover damaged or missing books.

For damaged or missing books, you’ll be asked for the number of units affected and whether you’re requesting a replacement. If you don’t request a replacement, you’ll receive a refund.

If you receive too many books or books that you didn’t order, you may donate or destroy them. You don’t need to place a claim or contact Customer Service.

Promotions & Coop

No, but you can see a list of the promotions that your account qualifies for, under the Account menu and also in your cart. You can apply one promotion per order.

Coop information is not available in the current PRH Self-Service site. Please contact your sales rep or Customer Service for coop information.

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