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Intro to the PRH Self-Service Site

Welcome to the new PRH Self-Service site! This is a revised version of the old “Dot Biz” site that we hope you will find easier to use and more helpful.

New elements and features include:

  • Updated design and usability and a quicker path to order and checkout
  • Redesigned search results with visible book covers and filtering for search results
  • Redesigned, searchable views for orders and invoices
  • Recent orders and invoices also appear on the homepage, for quick access
  • New shopping cart page, with improved usability and cart in global navigation (cart available from every page)
  • More accessible method to quickly add ISBNs and quantities to cart
  • Easier and faster way to browse, find, and apply promo codes at checkout

The site has also been expanded for Direct Market comic book retailers to include:

  • Access to all Marvel comics and graphic novels as well as 50+ independent publishers including DC Comics, Kodansha, and Seven Seas
  • Enhanced search capabilities that include both ISBNs and UPCs
  • Monthly catalogs of upcoming comics, graphic novels, and manga that can be purchased through Penguin Random House
  • Ability to manage carts by FOC date and receive notification alerts based on upcoming dates
  • Information on new and upcoming features, sneak peeks, a list of of top-selling titles, and more

For the best experience, use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

PRH Self-Service is available to customers in the US, Canada, and internationally. International and US customers will see prices in US $, and Canadian customers will see prices in Canadian $.

Titles available will be specific to your sales restriction. For example, if you are a international account, you should not see search results for ISBNs/UPCs that can only be sold in the US. If you search for an ISBN/UPC that is not available to your account type, you will see this message:


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