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Creating Direct Market Initial Orders and Submitting Final Orders

As soon as new catalogs appear on the site, you can begin adding items to your carts and building initial orders (i.e. estimates).

Here are the key dates in the ordering process:

Catalog Release:

  • Each month, a new catalog appears on the .BIZ homepage.
  • You can immediately start browsing the catalog and adding items to your various carts.

Initial Order (Estimate) Due Date:

  • Notifications on the homepage and catalog pages will ask you to add items to your carts before this date, if possible.
  • All items in this initial order (estimate) stage can be adjusted up or down prior to a FOC date as long as you have not checked-out.
  • Quantities entered as initial orders (estimates) will NOT automatically convert to orders at FOC.

FOC Date:

  • Each cart has a FOC date.
  • If you do not check out your cart by its FOC date, quantities cannot be confirmed. Items can still be ordered, but we cannot guarantee that we have enough remaining inventory to fulfill your order.
  • Please note that an order cannot be modified after being checked out.

Initial Order (Estimate) Timeline

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